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Application Form

We are a popular choice of club and to ensure we offer excellent value and access to the course for our members we operate strictly to our Articled allowed membership numbers.

As such and at present we are operating a waiting list. Although will be a wait to join us you are best sending in your application as soon as it is ready – you won’t be dissappointed once you are in!

The process to join will include:

  • Payment of an administration fee currently £25
  • Finding a proposer and seconder who have been members of the club for 30 months or more to sign your form
  • Approval by the Board of Directors
  • An offer of membership once a space becomes available

We do have waiting lists for all main categories of membership but existing members do have priority on the 7 day waiting list. You will receive an offer of 5 or 6 day membership initially and we would suggest you accept this first. Once a member your offer of 7 day (if that was your preference) usually happens within the following year. Failing that you may be waiting a long time for an offer of purely 7 day.

The anticipated waiting time as of Spring 2023 is 15 months.